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Create your estate plan today, or review and amend a preexisting estate plan.

Everything you need for a comprehensive estate plan, available at your convenience.

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Benefit 1

Loved ones can receive your valuable assets with little or no tax exposure

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Benefit 2

Healthcare directives allow someone close to you to make medical decisions if you are unable to

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Benefit 3

In most cases, your entire estate will pass without having to go through Probate Court

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Benefit 4

Convenient for the family by eliminating any potential confusion regarding asset distribution after you pass

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Benefit 5

Allows clients to have vital input into their medical and financial decisions

Estate Plan Services


This service ranges from the initial estate planning consultation where all relevant information is collected to the final estate plan delivery where copies of the estate plan are made, real estate is transferred into the trust (by the estate planning attorney), and final copies of documents are delivered to the client.


Ideal for those who have an existing estate plan and want to make amendments, or want it reviewed for a professional perspective

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Small business, big results

Rodney G. Jones offers a highly personalized service as a California estate planning attorney

Rodney G. Jones has been an estate planning attorney in California since 2001. His choice to be a family-owned and operated law firm gives him the ability and freedom to prepare personalized, comprehensive estate plans for each client.


Free In-home Consultations

Preparing an estate plan involves discussing personal family matters. Our in-home consultations allows you to remain in the comfort of your home when preparing or modifying your plan.

Our News

Out-Of-State Property

Many clients have property outside of California that they want in their trust.  Because we are only licensed in California we are unable to prepare and record the deeds transferring their out-of-state property into the trust.  We have now partnered with several services that can prepare and record out-of-state deeds.  Please contact us if you have any questions.