Everything needed for a comprehensive estate plan is provided.  Rodney G. Jones limits his practice so that he can provide a high level of personal service.  In most cases his clients never leave their home.  Within weeks of the initial consultation a completed estate plan is provided to his clients.  The estate plan includes everthing needed to make after death decisions, both medically and financially.  Transfers assets to family members without the costly oversight or the local probate court.  Provides instructions to guardians for minors if the clients have young children.  If the client is incapacitated, family members are identified to assist with decisions the client is no longer able to make. 

Items Normally Included in Estate Plan

  • Trust
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • HIPAA Release Authorization
  • Grant Deeds (if needed)


Cost for a completed estate plan including all expenses can usually be provided for around $2,000.  Services are provided at a one time flat rate so you never have to worry how many questions you have.  There are no hidden costs.  A cost for expenses will be provided at initial consulation and will not be exceeded without your express approval and authorization.

Estate Planning Process

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION- During this meeting all relevant information will be collected to prepare the entire estate plan.
  • ROUGH DRAFT REVIEW- About two weeks after the Initial Consultation the clients will receive the rough draft of the entire estate plan.  Review normally takes 1-2 weeks.
  • CONFERENCE CALL MEETING- After the Rough Draft Review, clients and the attorney will meet  - usually done over the phone.  At this meeting the clients will get all their questions and concerns resolved.  If so directed, the attorney will make any changes requested by the clients.
  • DOCUMENT SIGNING- After all concerns that were raised in the Confernce Call Meeting are resolved the clients will meet in person with the attorney and all relevant documents will be signed.
  • ESTATE PLAN DELIVERY- After the Document Signing the appropriate number of copies are made for the client.  If real estate is to be transfered into the trust, this will be done by the attorney.  When this is completed, the final documents are delivered to the clients.

Estate Plan Review

Many people already have a comprehensive estate plan, but they are concerned because it was prepared many years earlier or they want to make changes to it.  Estate Plan Review is a service provided.  A flat fee is charged for reviewing the estate plan and going over it with the client.  If changes are needed, modifications are provided on an hourly basis.  An estimate of the time needed will be provided in advance so there are no surprises.