My husband and I had been thinking about having a Living Trust done and time kept passing until we finally did it.  Attorney Rodney Jones had prepared my parents' Living Trust and we are so glad we did it when we did.  We contacted Attorney Rodney Jones, who provided us with all the information we needed.  He answered all our questions and sent us all the necessary information and documents we needed, so we could make a sound decision.  Once all the information was provided to Mr. Jones, he completed our Living Trust.  Mr. Jones made the process so easy.  he came to us and explained everything to us in terms we could understand before we signed anything.  I would recommend Rodney Jones to anyone and know that he will do an outstanding job.

Delia M.


My family and I have known Rod for over 30 years.  His balance of very personal service and yet extensive professional experience, makes him the best type of attorney to serve your needs.  I'd highly recommend him to anyone and already have.  If you don't know Rod, I'm sure your first meeting with him will seem like you have known him for years.  A trusted friend who is very knowledgeable and effective in estate planning.

Phil S.


Planning our estate was something on my to-do list for years.  But for some reason I just kept avoiding it.  I saw the Suzie Oreman estate planning kit and bought it but was very disappointed.  Anyone can draw up a will but her kit omitted funding the estate and legally securing my most vauable asset, my home.

When I hired Rodney I was still nervous about the whole process but he was very patient and knowledgeable.  Reviewing and understanding legal papers is not my favorite but he answered all of our questions, did not rush us, and filed all paperwork properly so I have no doubt my estate is secure.

I highly recommend that everyone set up a living trust and associated estate paperwork.  Rodney made it easy and affordable.

Debbie P.


Rodney drew up our trust exactly the way my husband and I wanted.  He came to us, which was a plus!!!!  He is very professional, yet down to earth!!!!  My husband and I did not want to worry what would happen to our "possessions" when we were gone, or when we could no longer make decisions for ourselves.  Having control by drawing up our trust is such a relief!!!!  We recommend Rodney G. Jones to anybody who wants peace of mind....

Mary G.


In Sept 2016 my 80 year old dad finally decided to create a will, create a Trust and put his stuff in order.  My mom had recently passed.  I heard an ad on KSGN for Rodney G. Jones and called him.  He came to Dad's home and spent over an hour explaining everything about what a Trust is, and isn't, as well as his fee.  He listened to all our questions.  He covered all the bases to assure Dad's wishes would be met...such as who would be the Executor, how all assets would be divided, what he did and didn't want done for him in the hospital (that was critical when Dad was later diagnosed with Leukemia).  Dad even planned his own funeral on paper with Rodney and attached it to his Trust.  We never had to drive anywhere.  Rodney always came to Dad.

Well, Dad passed on Mar 2017 after fighting Leukemia 6 mos and speding lots of time in hospitals.  We never had a glitch at any of them.  I carried the documents Rodney prepared and all was done as Dad directed down to every detail about his funeral!  Later, my brother and I had an issue with Dad's bank in Redlands.  I called Rodney.  He spoke to them, then to their Legal Dept and they agreed they were wrong and handled the transaction as we requested.  Rodney even called an out of State attorney when a problem came up.  He is AWESOME!  He is the definition of Customer Service.  He saved us so much money, frustration and time.

If you are considering a Trust, go with Rodney.  You won't regret it.

Jennifer C.